Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Reading completed

I continued reading all of my different research books which have been taking turns between organization books, stay at home mom books and frugal books. I was trying to get on the blog and write up each book but I am very far behind.

I read The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life: A Year's Worth of Hints, Tips, and Tricks by Mary Jo Rulnick and Judith Burnett Schneider.  I quickly saw that this was a well written book that was not aimed at me.  It would be a perfect for a mom with an older child in elementary or middle school.  It gives tons of tips on how to prepare for college and with a 2 year old at home, I just do not want to think that far in advanced about all the forms that I will have to fill out.  I did take notes on the to do lists for each month and the spring cleaning list.  I am going to save the master list and change it to meet our family needs.  I think that it is a good reminder on washing all the winter coats before you put them away for the year instead of pulling out a dirty coat when it is cold again.  There are some great tips like going after Christmas shopping to get the red decorations for Valentines Day and Fourth of July or green things for St. Patty's Day.  I always shop after the holidays to get stuff for the rest of the year like wrapping paper, paper goods and presents but the rest was a little harder to apply to my life.  I was hoping for more organization information that would apply to my life but I am sure that it fits many others since it got some great ratings on Amazon! 

In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms by Laura Schlessinger  was an interesting read but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone- stay at home moms, people trying to figure it out or anyone else.  If you look at the Amazon reviews for one stars opinions, that sums up my opinions on the book.  I was going to put it down and return it to the library but I am that person who always thinks that things are going to get better so I kept going.  I got more and more upset through reading the book because she started by talking about how she did not want to start or join the mommy wars which she promptly did.  She was in favor of only the 1960's picture of a house wife (she didn't mention barefoot and pregnant) where the wife does everything for the husband.  I certainly love the fact that I have the chance to stay at home with my son but I do not think that everyone should have to.  The other thing that upset me was that she only talked about stay at home moms and not about stay at home dads.  She specifically said that men and woman were different and children needed a mom and dad to grow up right.  First, I got upset about stay at home dads but later after thinking more about it, this means that no single parents and no same sex parents which got me even more upset.  I think that every child needs a loving family to tell them how much they love them and there is no reason that a preschool or daycare provider isn't good option for those families that need to work.  I certainly do not want my child calling a nanny "mommy" but I am sure that all moms have that same wish but the constant harping on the worst fears of women was throughout the whole message of the book.  If you want to be scared straight (or "guilt"ed) into staying home, this is the book for you.  If you are already staying home and want to have one day when you appreciate your life because you don't agree with the things she says, read this.  If not, I suggest skipping it!!!!

I hope that this helps you to decide which books you pick up off the library shelf.  I know that I am going to try to read lots of different books to see if there is some new information out there to help.  Any little bit helps!!!

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