Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Present Ever

My son has been sick all week and not wanting to take his medicine.  It has been a long week but today makes it all worth it.  He came out of his preschool class and handed me a box.

He wanted to open it right there in the hallway which was swamped with tons of kids and parents trying to put on coats and get to the car.  I didn't think that there was anything in it because it was so light.  I told him that we could open it later but he insisted that it had to happen now.  We opened it and in the tissue paper was two ornaments laying inside which Dylan pulled out and showed me.
Those are his little hands.  On the other side has his name and the year so we will be able to know for years to come.  What a perfect idea!!!!
Then he showed me the Christmas Angel and told me that there was a picture on it.  It was a picture of him.  I told him that he was my angel but he was too busy with the glitter on the wings :)  Hope these make you smile as much as they made me smile.

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