Monday, December 19, 2011

Baking to get ready for Company

I am trying to figure out everything that I need to make before company comes into town for the holidays so that I am ready.  I was thinking about making corn bread to have with tacos one night for dinner.  I was also thinking about carrot cake with a cream cheese glaze so that we can have that for dessert for Christmas dinner.  I was also planning on making cinnamon rolls for my husband for Christmas morning.  I don't know what other yummy things I could whip up but I hope to also fit in some snickerdoodle cookies because those are my husbands favorite cookie.  Also, he told me no more Christmas cut outs because there is sprinkles all over the house and they are hard to clean up :)  Yup, but they are so yummy!!!!  Might try some Chex mix so that all of the treats won't be sugary.  I tried out the recipe a few weeks ago but I am still working on perfecting the spicy flavor of bold Chex (the family favorite).

Any ideas out there for good snacks to whip up for a crowd (sugary or otherwise)?  Any other holiday family recipes that I am missing out on??  Let me know because Wednesday and Thursday are suposed to be my baking days!!!!

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