Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick CVS trip

I went to CVS to get the cereal that I posted about earlier.  I also got another coupon from the red machine for $1.50 off any two shampoos.  I was trying to decide which ones to get but there was a sale on the Suave shampoos and I thought that I had a coupon but it was expired :(  I got the box of cereal and two shampoos for $1.57!!  I thought it was a pretty good deal and I got $1 ECB back for using my green bag tag (in case you don't know that using reusable bags and the CVS bag tag, gets you $1 back every fourth time you use them).

There was a note on the recipt that said that if I bought $6.66 more Suave or Dove shampoo then I would get $3 ECB back plus I am only a little bit away from my $5 beauty reward ECB which I think that this would count towards.  It might work out to a great deal but I would need to buy 4 shampoos and I only have $1 ECB to pay for it currently so it would cost $5.68 plus tax oop to get back $8 ECB.  I am not sure if I am going to do it or not because I really don't need to get anymore shampoo.  I guess I will look for coupons to see if I can make it worthwhile.  I have to go over there tonight to pick up some medicine so I guess I better start looking!

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