Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enchiladas are made!

After getting the sauce made while cooking dinner, I knew that I had to make the rest of the enchiladas tonight so that I didn't have to do any work tomorrow during our playtime with our friends who are visiting.  I cooked up the shredded chicken with two packages of Old El Paso seasoning which I got for free with a coupon a little while ago. 

I use the 7 x 11 casserole dish and spread the enchilada sauce across the bottom.  Usually I use the 9 x 13 casserole dish but it is only going to be the two of use for dinner (since my son doesn't eat them).  Then I microwaved the corn tortillas wrapped in a moistened paper towel which I learned watching a PBS cooking show.  It helps to loosen it so that they don't crack when you are filling them.  I put a spoonful of seasoned chicken and covered with shredded cheese. 
Then, you fold the tortilla over and turn it so that the opening is at the bottom.  Cover with enchilada sauce and cheese.
Then I packaged the leftover chicken for chicken tacos later in the month and the leftover enchilada sauce and they are now happily sitting in the freezer.  I put the plastic wrap on the pan and dinner will be ready without making a huge mess tomorrow.  Sadly, I have to still clean it up tonight but I am waiting for my second wind to get started!  I tried a spoonful of chocolate frosting but it didn't help :)  Crossing my fingers that they are magically cleaned when I walk back to the kitchen.

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