Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

This was adapted from a Pillsbury recipe that I made for my son's first birthday party which was a smash hit!

I start with Rhodes rolls that I take out in the morning and put in the oven to rise.  These are my favorites because they are light and fluffy (plus I can get them for $.17-$.57 per bag with coupon).  Make sure you spray the pan with non-stick spray then add the rolls and then spray the rolls too.  But you can use any rolls that you have around the house.  My own hint is to put less on the roll then you think because it is spicy :)

Then later in the afternoon when they are big enough, I bake them.
They don't have to be hot to have them with the sandwiches so it is a perfect make ahead so that they are ready for dinner.  If you are having something with rolls the night before, you could even throw a few extras on for these yummy treats the next night.  Please ignore the dirty oven (note to self- clean oven).

Then gather your ingredients for chicken using the shredded chicken that I made earlier and froze during my
post about freezer cooking, Franks Red hot sauce, butter/margarine, and crumbled blue cheese.
Put the butter and chicken in the pan to heat up.  If you can't see, the butter is in the front of the pan (bottom of picture).  I added another pad about that size later.  Note:  The butter helps calm down the heat of the hot sauce.
After it gets heated all up, add the hot sauce and stir.  Add the blue cheese (half of the container).
Mix it all up on a low setting so that the cheese melts right in and you don't see anything.  Then it is ready whenever you are for dinner.  If it gets dry, you can add more butter or a little bit of water. 

I always serve the sliders with something to calm the heat like mac and cheese put I am sure french fries would have hit the spot too!  Hope you try it soon too :)

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