Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boneless Chicken breasts preparations for the freezer

I have always buy the family pack or large size to get the discount and cut the chicken breasts down into managable packages that would feed the family but I found some information about a year ago to go one step farther.  Put the marinate for the chicken in the bag when you freeze it and then it gets to marinate while defrosting.  It is great because then you can cook it on the grill- one because it is healthy and two because that makes less dishes to wash :) There are many ways to do it but here is my process.

1.  Take out everything you think that you might need (because later you will have chicken hands and have to ask someone else for help).  I get out a thin towel to put under my cutting board, my cutting board, my favorite chicken cutting knife, plastic container to put cut chicken in, plastic bags (labeled with ingredients and date), and any marinates that I might use.  I often have a few extra off to the side just in case I have more chicken then I think.

2.  Pour marinates into bottom of plastic bags.  Make sure you write a list of the different kinds of chickens because after you put them in the freezer, it is much easier to do your menu planning through a list then getting frostbite looking through the freezer.

3.  Get the chicken out of the fridge and start cutting!

4.  Bag the chicken with portions that you think that your family will eat.  My son doesn't like chicken yet so it is just my husband and I do 6 tender sized pieces per bag.  After this 5.87 lb package (cost $11.68), it will make 7 meals for us which is $1.67 for chicken for the meal.

5.  Put in freezer.  I did set one out to eat for this week and then the rest are in the freezer for the upcoming weeks.

6.  Clean up!!  I hate this part but just think of it as everything is all done and you can sit down and have a break :)

7.  Plan the meals for the upcoming weeks with all the great stuff that you put in the freezer!  That is the best part because it makes the next few weeks so much easier because you know that dinner is taken care of.

I hope that you enjoy and use some of the suggestions for your family!

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