Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thirfty Thursday: Frugal Reads with Reducing and Green Living Books

I was asked a question of my favorite books that were frugal and money saving books.  When I started to dig into the books that I read, I realized that I had so many different categories of books that I have checked out.  Some of them about money, cooking or green lifestyle.  I also checked out a bunch about kids and raising them with money values while not spending your whole life savings.  Last week, I posted about cooking and recipe books that had good recipes and had lots of interesting tips.

This week, I decided to pull out those books which were more about going back to nature and living a more green lifestyle.  Although I am by no means a green person by nature, my frugality often puts me in the same boat because I am trying to save money (and saving the planet in the process is a big plus).  I use rags instead of paper towels to do all my cleaning and we are down to using only one roll of paper towels a month.  We use cloth napkins and not paper.  I don't have a garden because I have lost more money then I have gained the few times I have tried.  I don't raise chickens or goats in my suburban backyard or live on a farm.  I don't have only one jar of trash for the whole year but I try to cut back to one bag a week.  We do not eat out that often and get take out about once a month so we are home making meals from scratch every night.  In order to mix it up and make it a little more interesting, I try out new recipes and some become favorites while others go back in the pile.  I do lots of baking with all of our breads, rolls, and homemade goodies.  All of these things are great starts and some of the tips I learned from these books.  Check them out and see if they have any helpful hints for your family and inspire you to do better.

The Zero-Waste Lifestyle is a great book about cutting back and living a more green life.  The great thing about a green lifestyle is that is often goes hand and hand with money saving so there are tons of tips.  There are some that might be a little over the top but I loved the book and the suggestions.

The Dirty Life was a book about a couple that decided to leave the city and move to a farm.  They work long days and live very simply to make ends meet.  They live off the food that they get from their vegetables and animals.  It is super motivational and a great story on how you can live on less (even if you aren't going to give it up and move to a farm).

Made From Scratch was a great book about making more of your food from scratch but I didn't read the table of contents or any information about the book before getting it out the library because I probably wouldn't have gotten it.  They tell you all about raising yours own chickens, bees and more while living in a rented apartment.  Since this isn't in my list of to do or even ideas, you would think that it wasn't interesting but the book was fascinating about living a more independent lifestyle.

The New Good Life was a book about how a couple lived and raised their children with very few resources and how they went from rags to riches.  It gave information about budgeting and different money types to learn a little more about how you might see money differently then your spouse.  There were so many things that had me surprised and I learned a lot.


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    1. I hope you enjoy a few of them and you need to tell me which ones are your favorites!

  2. I'll definitely let you know! Pouring through the food books you posted about last time...when I'm not taking care of our 8-month-old, that is! :)

    1. Good luck!!! I hope that you find a few favorites among them!


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