Monday, April 18, 2016

Four Trips and a little extra to Harris Teeter Super Doubles

I went to Harris Teeter after taking the morning to rest up after hurting my knee so that I could get a few more deals but the shelves were either very bare or I just didn't have the right coupons.  Maybe both!!  I don't think that I was in the best frame of mind to head to the store but I knew that I would regret it if I didn't make it there to at least check.

After finding very little, I decided to use my rain check for more granola bars in conjunction with the $3 off $15 from Wegman's so I just needed to get a few more things.  I grabbed some chicken that I had a coupon for that brought it down to same or lower then Aldi's prices.  Then, I found some fries that I still had coupons that were close to expiring and they would be free because of the sale and the doubles so I thought it would be nice to try them.  I went to the check out and two of the coupons didn't scan so the customer service person came over and he refused to scan either one because they said not to double on the coupon so instead of putting it in like every other customer service person does, he made it seem like I was trying to get away with something and the cashier was dumb and lazy.  He was super rude and I left feeling worse then when I came in and I made them take the two items off the bill because I wasn't getting the items when the bill was $6 higher then it should be!!  I am sure if this has happened to you that you can understand my frustration... it is fine if you want to refuse something but to talk down to me or your employee is just not the right move.  Lucky for her, I was her last person and she got to take a break.  I wonder if you have to let it roll off you if you work there or what because I couldn't take someone talking down to me in front of others without speaking back.

Although beaten down by this new customer service person, I still decided to go to the other store that is just a few miles away.  They were out of the Windex, tea and most of the other items that I wanted to get.  I didn't want to use the coupons that had to be overriden at the other store because I couldn't take it twice in the same day.  I bought 3 boxes of pasta for total of $0.30.  There were only 3 more boxes on the shelf but I put everything in the car and went back in to get the last three boxes with exact change and my reusable bag in hand.  I am glad that I did because who knows when they are going to get them in again and my son eats pasta at least twice a week and will only eat Penne regardless of the whole pantry of other pasta.

Anyway, long story to tell you that this picture does represent three check outs at two different stores.  I am certainly glad to be done with that for the day and hoping that tomorrow is the customer service person's day off so that I don't have to see him after going through with dental work first thing in the morning.

Total Retail $48.01
Total Savings $13.47 +  4.56 + 11.46 += $29.49
Total OOP $17.92 + $0.60= $18.52


  1. Sorry you hurt your knee and then encountered a rude C.S. person. Why do people think that it's good policy for them to be rude to their customers?! I'm confused though: do they usually push the "do not double" coupons manually?

    I also wanted to ask about your rainchecks: don't they have an expiration date? All of our rainchecks down here usually expire after 30 days. I think CVS is the only one that doesn't have expiration dates on theirs.

    Is your knee feeling better?

    1. The rain checks are good forever! I have some that are two and three years old that I can pull out and use. The great thing is that coupons normally come back around to use again so I wait for that to happen or for it to be something I need to get that isn't on sale. This isn't the case at every store but Harris Teeter has always offered rain checks that don't expire.

      There are certain stores that push looking at everything and not doubling coupons but the double is being offered by the store so they never get money back from the manufacturer so I am not sure why it matters if it is something that the store is offering as a promotion. The store that I have gone to has never trained their cashiers to do that but I know that I went to one other store that went through all the coupons first and read them can imagine that it makes for really irritated people behind you in line when it is totally not your fault. I try to stay to the stores that scan and take the computers word for it. This customer service person is new and must have come from one of the other stores. Very grumpy!!

      I was in line on one of these trips and the person two in front was using coupons (and it wasn't going well for her) and the husband in front of me said to his wife...that is why I don't like coupons. Well, I was going to offer them a coupon on the Jimmy Dean sandwiches and the Frosted Mini Wheats but not now!! I don't like when people make comments like that. UGH!!

    2. Oh Alison, I don't think I could have refrained myself from TELLING HIM "Well, I was about to offer you some coupons off the items that you're buying but since you wouldn't use them, I'll just offer them to someone else!". It's true, though, that while coupons are awesome for those of us who use them, they're a PITA for the rest of the people who don't use them. I think supermarkets should have a "Coupons Only" line instead of the "10 items or fewer" line.

      In all honesty, I don't like being stuck behind people who have coupon problems either, lol, but thankfully it happens really rarely. Mostly because I don't like standing in line anyway so I try to go shopping when the stores aren't all that busy and also because Aldi doesn't take coupons... I'm sick today and I have to go grocery shopping so I think I'm only going to Aldi. No freebies or awesome deals for me, I'm afraid. I don't care, I just want to get it done and come home.


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